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At ChanceFX we operate a successful mining rig which provides us with bitcoin. Whatever we mine, we immediately sell with a profit. Since the price of bitcoin changes every second, our trading bots make an estimation of how much profit we and our investors who have invested in us can make. As a result of this, every investment will have a different outcome. The money invested by our investors will be paid back with an interest commission which we pay for lending us the money. Since we have acquired our mining equipment in bulk, we managed to get it at a relatively cheap price. Much cheaper than the average investor would pay to acquire such equipment. That is why we as a big company can provide a minimum profit of 110% for every investment made.

Bitcoin miners, equipped with high tech computers rather than a spade, are crucial to the bitcoin ecosystem: dedicating the crucial computing power needed to maintain the blockchain and verify the thousands of transactions occurring every day while also providing the network’s immunity to hackers, ability to track trade and (the only) way to create new bitcoins.

As the bitcoin price goes up and down, one might think that it could affect our business. However, as we do mining on the one hand and trading on the other, we are immune for any volatility and can keep providing our investors with the profits they so much want. Of course that is not everything we do. It would be foolish to solely and completely rely on crypto to make a profit for our investors. We care a lot about our investors because they are the driving force behind the unstoppable vehicle that is Chancefx. A second big part of our funds comes from high frequency trading with all kinds of financial instruments. From the money you provide, we get a small percentage and all the rest of the profit goes directly back into your pocket.